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Ring of Honor Results 11-29

The Show was pretty good overall, but far from the best RoH show ive seen. I did get a chance to meet AJ Styles and talk with him, plus he signed my copy of Honor Invades Japan and said his match with Low Ki was "A Fun Match". I also talked to Gary Micheal Cappetta and Devito and met Colt Cabana...anyhoo...
(i also bought Epic Enounter, Revenge on The Prophecy *not in the red dvd box suprisingly, and Night of The Grudges on DVD

Hotstuff/Fast Eddie vs The Backseats was a very well worked Old School style tag match, lots of great mind games and good psychology. Hotstuff seemed off however, as he was apparently on fire the night previous...but ah well. Good match there

The Scramble match was next, and i could only name about three of the special K Members in the match: Dixie, Hydro and Angel Dust..the other two were: One i see all the time but dont know his name (Short, black hair, wears bright blue pants) and the other id NEVER seen and he was pretty awful. The Scramble was average, but not a memerable one

CM Punk vs Jimmy Rave started the gauntlet: Best match of the Gauntlet in terms of match quality. Punk isolated Raves neck and Rave REALLY worked over Punks knee. Finish came with a Pepsi Plunge from the top as Rave was trying a superplex or some other top rope big move

Punk vs Stryker was short with Punk teasing his leg to Stryker and some good mat work before Punk tapped out to the Stryker Lock (i believe)

Stryker vs Cabana was A good FUN match, no spectacular moves by any means but LOTs of playing to the crowd. Cabana is just great...you have to see him live, lol

Stryker vs Whitmer was too short, which was too bad...I think Stryker really did get injuried as he had Whitmer on the top rope, went to lift him and then said very clearly "Ah Shit" and fell over the ropes, hit the ring apron and landed on the floor. The Ref made the X and Rob came out and some more Refs, then suddenly Whitmer pushed everyone aside and threw Stryker in the ring and Hit the Cradle Exploder for a pin...i think the injury was legit, Whitmer just wanted the match to have a result, since it was the end of the Gauntlet

Then it was Intermission...

First match back from Intermission was the Outkast Killas vs Slyk and April Hunter. This was a really good match, just like the opener with good tag psychology and The Outcast Killas scoring what i consider and upset. Everyone looked good in this match...especially April, in more ways than one

Walters vs Xavier was next, this was a FANTASTIC match and the crowd really started to come alive for it. Xavier got good Heat and Walters had the Mass crowd solidly behind him. A ladder even got involved...The match was very good, and Xavier did a post match beat down to get even with walters for the win

Next up was the Tag Title Match...GREAT match, absolutely brilliant tag team wrestling. Everyone was on and it was just a great match. Daniels played the crowd like a fiddle

AJ vs Samoa Joe goes down as one of my fave matches ive seen live. AJ Styles JACKKNIFE Powerbomed SAMOA JOE at one point, it was CRAZY. he also did the patented leap over the rail into a kick, and landed about three feet away from me when he did it. AJ even managed to hit Samoa Joe with the Styles Clash! I forget what the finish was...but it wasnt just a regular move, im sure. Post match Samoa Joe made a speech about RoH and wrestling and why he still loved it, not for the money. He then praised AJ Styles and they hugged, the match got a standing O. GREAT match

Homicide vs Corino was violent but not nearly as intense as there Bitter Friends Battle, plus the crowd was no where near as Alive. Both men busted there asses off however, and it did end up being a very memorable match
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