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BItter Friends, Stiffer Enemies

This is a Review of the August 16th Ring of Honor Show "Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies" that took place a few hours south of Boston, in Fairfeild, CT...

The Show Started with Prince Nana Coming out to the ring...luckily that wasnt a bad omen, as the next man out was Homicide. Homicide called out Corino with a great promo, but to no avail...he ended up having an impromptu match with Nana...

Nana vs Homicide

Best Nana match ever, as he got his fat ass handed to him in quick fashion

Rating: * For Homicide, 0 Stars for Nana

The Purists vs The Ring Crew Express

Really great wrestling in this match, both teams work great together. Tony Mamaluke is defintly one of the most exciting guys to watch in the ring. Good Length to the match, and this was a good way to showcase both teams. Some innovative stuff as well made this match a lot better than i had hoped, and i did expect it to be good

Rating: ***

Matt Sryker vs BJ Whitmer

Pure Wrestling at its finest, an absolute wrestling clinic that really made both men look like GOLD in my eyes. This match alone is worth ordering this tape for...then again, the best match on the show was yet to come.

Rating: ****1/4

Special K vs The Backseat Boyz vs The Carnage Crew vs The SAT

Not one of the better Scrambles, but still a lot of fun stuff in this one. Could have been a lot better, but was still entertaining

Rating: **

Alexis Laree vs Becky Bayless

I can appreciate good womens wrestling when i see it, but Becky Bayless was just horrid in this match. I felt bad for Alexis

Rating: 1/4 *

Christopher Daniels vs Xavier

This was a good long match, with a mix of brawling, high spots and technical wrestling. Although i did expect it to be better, it was a great match none the less.

Rating: ***1/2

Derranged vs Hydro vs Jonny Storm vs Slyk Wagner Brown

This was the match i was most looking foward to as Im a big fan of Jonny Storm and this was my first oppurtunity to see him live. He, and the other three men did not disappoint. Hydro and Derranged worked together for most of the match and had some funny segments together where they lay down for one another, but eventually all of them started fighting. Slyk even managed to pull off A Shooting Star Press! Really impressive, fast match fury of a match

Rating: ***1/2

Samoa Joe vs CM Punk

Pre Match CM Punk cut another great promo, and then the match insued. Great mix of styles here to, they brawled on the floor a good deal, Samoa Joe worked on CM Punks leg to no end and CM Punk did some good top rope stuff. Great match overall, but i think it should have been a little longer

Rating: ***3/4

Homicide vs Steve Corino

Whatever youve heard about this show cant do the match Justice, it was absolutely incredible. I expected a good fight, and i got one of the greatest matches ive ever seen in my life. There was Barbed Wire and Blood throughout the bough as well as Stiff and Technical wrestling. Plus some INSANE high risk stuff, including the craziest spot ive ever seen...Homicide did his usual dive to the outside, but he landed spine first on the barricade, no protection or anything. He also landed two feet in front of me. That spot did scare the living hell out of me and i saw the ref call for the bell (thank god it didnt ring). The Ref defintly freaked out as we all did, that was the craziest bump ive ever seen anyone take, and im not 100% sure it was supposed to happen. Homicide got back up and the War continued to an awesome finish

Rating: *****

Low Ki vs Danny Maff

This match very well could have toped Homicide vs Corino if Maff hadnt gotten Ko'd by one of Ki's Kicks. Was a great match up untill that point, i just really wish it hadnt ended that way. I was really concerned for Danny Maff and Christopher Daniels showed the kind of person he was by rushing out and cradling Maff in his arms and trying to keep him awake, defintly a truly good guy. This injury was definltly legit, absolutely no doubt about it. The match had gone less than five minutes, and after the springboard side kick The ref checked on Maff and went over to Ki and told him to wait a minute, Maff wasnt responding, Ki made a cover (hoping Maff would kick out). The Ref counted two...and then VERY reluctantly a three...and didnt singnal for the bell right away. They also asked us to clear the building as quickly as possible, so im sure this was no angle

Half the roster emptied out of the locker room, first Daniels who did what i said and tried to keep Daniels awake, then Samoa Joe and BJ whitmer, Joel Maximo, Dunn and Marcos, and everyone pretty much after a while. As i was leaving i saw two members of speical K run up to the security gaurd outside and ask him if help was on the way, they both looked VERY concerned.

Well, thats my review for the Show on the 16th...now ive got to go get ready for CM Punk vs Raven tonight...im thinking this show may be even better!
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