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Roh 6-9-03

So tommorow is the Big Ring of Honor Event in Wakefeild, which could be the best Ring of Honor Show to date.

The Card is:

So the Current Card runsdown like this:

Clockwork Orange House Of Fun in a Steel Cage Match
Raven vs. CM Punk

Opinon: More and More im looking foward to this event, just by what Raven has been pulling off in his matches since he left the WWE and how d**n good Punk is. This will without a doubt be a match to remember

Four Corner Survival Match
Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Homicide vs. Jay Briscoe

Opinon: Four Corner Survivals are always amazing, i think this one could top all the ones that came before it. The Sheer level of Talent in this one is Just amazing, and i cant wait to see it

Mark Briscoe vs.

Opinon: Mark was schedualed to face Low Ki, but Ki had to pull out with a broken Jaw. Mark is still going to wrestle, we just dont know who. This will be my frist time seeing Mark wrestle, and im looking foward to it

Tag Team Scramble Match
Backseat Boyz vs. SAT vs. Special K vs. Dunn & Marcos

Opinon: Im really excited for this one as well, as i think it could be one of the best Scrambles to date

Six Man Attraction Match
The Carnage Crew of Justin Credible, Loc & Devito vs. Special K

Opinon: Could be a very FUN match as Ki would say, and will defintly entertain us all. This is sort of the Payback on Credible for him taking out Angel Dust way back at Night of Grudges, and should be a good way to continue this mini fued

Field Of Honor Match
Colt Cabana vs. Jimmy Rave

Opinon: This and Walters vs Stryker are the FOH matches im most looking foward too

Field Of Honor Match
Matt Stryker vs. John Walters

Opinon: Of course now Stryker vs Walters are the ONLY Feild of Honor matches...period

Plus more to be announced with BJ Whitmer, Chris Sabin, Slyk Wagner Brown, April Hunter, Allison Danger, Julius Smokes and others!!!

I am defintly disappointed that there will be no Sabin vs Xavier, and no Low Ki...but i still think RoH can pull this off and make one of the best RoH Shows in History. I think Whitmer vs Slyk Wagner Brown is almost a lock, and that will be a classic match. However if that goes down we still have Sabin and Mark without opponents, but my gut tells me they are going to face one another

Well, my first time posting on this board, anyone going to this show?

I was thinking about posting a review of "Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies" but i dont know if that would be suitable for this board, but it was a great show.
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