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RoH Minireview

For a show without anything spectacular, I really enjoyed it. It seemed like they weren't trying to blow us all away for four hours, for once, and as a result the pacing of the show was much better.

London/Styles was very strong. Styles has gotten a lot better at psychology and didn't go overboard with the highspots; London just worked Styles' leg throughout the match. Bonus points for the SSP onto Styles' knee. Pity about the double-pin finish.

The four corner survival match was fun; John Walters is really enjoyable to watch. Pity about Justin Credible. (OK, cheap shot, he didn't do much of note.)

Punk/Cabana vs. Raven/Whittmer was bloody and messy. Punk delivers a kickass promo. The SAT vs. Whipwreck/Dixie match... it's just depressing for me to watch Mikey doing stuff like that when his back is already shot. Spotfest.

The big sixman shoulda come before the Styles/London match. They killed the crowd with the prematch promos. It wasn't so much that they were long, although they were; it was more that they made sure everyone was thinking of both factions as heels. Great, so we should cheer for what exactly? And Michael Shane is not a totally convincing replacement for Steve Corino, particularly when Samoa Joe is doing promos about how great his group is in Zero-One. Still and all, Daniels and Joe came pretty close to saving the whole thing by getting the crowd into it, so it didn't totally suck.

I'd like to see Matt Stryker and Chance Beckett wrestle a match without a totally assholish crowd in the way sometime. I apologize to anyone who was there for not bitching out the idiots behind me earlier. Yeah, I was in the corner next to the food table. Stupid kids who'd just discovered wrestling... really they just needed to be told that the show was in the ring and nobody paid fifteen bucks to hear them yell. They listened OK. Maybe it'll stick.

God, I'm a grumpy old man.
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