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RoH 6/14/03 -- Cambridge

It's in the National Guard Armory again. Looks like a decent card:

Six Man War

Samoa Joe, Steve Corino & CW Anderson of The Group vs The Prophecy of Chris Daniels, Donovan Morgan & Danny Maff

(Nothing to dislike there. I dunno Danny Maff but it'll be nice to see Daniels and Morgan again.)

#1 Contenders Trophy Match

Paul London vs. AJ Styles

(I like Paul London.)

Raven & BJ Whitmer vs. CM Punk & Colt Cabana

(Midwest goodness!)

SAT vs. Mikey Whipwreck & Dixie of Special K

(Yeah, whatever.)

Matt Stryker vs Chance Beckett

(Dunno 'em.)

Four Corner Survival Match

Homicide vs. Chris Sabin vs. John Walters vs. a fourth that will be determined in a match on the 6:30pm Showcase Card.

(Yeah, whatever.)

Tag Team Grudge Match

Carnage Crew vs. Christopher St. Connection

(Not gonna be good.)

Special Showcase Card at 6:30pm

So there it is. The first three listed matches are promising enough for me to head down that way on Saturday.
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