Bryant (bryant) wrote in bostonwrestling,

RoH 3/15 (Cambridge)

Just thought I'd mention that the card looks like crap:

Special K vs. Low Ki & Da Hit Squad

Tag Team Scramble Match
Winners Receive A Tag Title Shot Later That Night
Backseat Boyz vs. Paul London/AJ Styles vs. SAT vs. Carnage Crew

ROH Tag Title Match
Winners Of Scramble Match vs. Christopher Daniels & Xavier

#1 Contenders Trophy Match
Homicide vs. Samoa Joe vs. EZ Money vs. BJ Whitmer

Raven vs. CM Punk

Amazing Red vs. Slim J

Matt Stryker vs. Chad Collyer

Alex Arion vs Hotstuff Hernandez

I can't see bothering, even though it's right down the road from me. I like watching Paul London, but even assuming he and Styles win the scramble they'll be tired from wrestling already. I might go for Raven, not because I expect much but out of pure fanboy nostalgia. Nothing else interesting on the card.

Of course, next week in Philly they're running Doug Williams vs. Chris Daniels, and a bunch of other pretty decent stuff.
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